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I'm Yanni. 21 years old. Born in Pennsylvania, Grew up in Maryland. INFJ. Live in Arizona. Nursing major at ASU. French-American. My favorite color is blue.

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The NYPD tried to start a hashtag outpouring of positive memories with their police force. 

If this were ever a bad idea, it was probably the worst idea for arguably the most corrupt police force in America. 

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nothing is more satisfying than someone walking right past ur hiding spot in hide and seek

how old are you

"thatkilljoy" living up to the url i see

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he has no idea

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It’s not so much what specific way you want to express love, it’s the actual vibration of love that is the most important thing. It’s the vibration of love, joy, peace. And a lot of us are not in alignment with that love and joy because we have created way too many expectations for ourselves. We’re aligning ourselves too much with limiting 3D ways rather than allowing our souls to just expand and flow and continue along a more free form path. The most healing thing you can do for the planet right now is to connect to the love and joy within you. Because when you do that you’re automatically raising the consciousness of the planet. And when you interact with people in your every day life your energy field is just so powerful and expansive and uplifting, you’re going to affect people around you. And because you affected them positively it’s going to create this ripple effect.
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what if boys ejaculated different things depending on how good the sex was like after a romantic climax maybe chocolate milk to share but after a rubbish blowjob you’d be attacked by a swarm of wasps

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ok thanks

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Like most sensitive souls, you already know you’re sensitive.
You soak up others’ moods and desires like a sponge. You absorb sensation the way a paintbrush grasps each color it touches on a palette. The ethereal beauty of a dandelion, the shift of a season, the climax of a song, or a certain stirring scent can evoke such wonder it’ll behave as your very breath itself- moving through cells as fuel does to fire and wind does to waves.
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kiss me

is that a good reaction or bad reaction she looks distraught


literal body goals

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